Orthodontics FAQ's

How do I get a consultation?

Call us! Consultations generally take 20-30 minutes and there is no charge. Doctor will visually assess the orthodontic situation and review any x-rays that are available and provide an opinion. A final diagnosis and treatment plan will be provided only after comprehensive orthodontic records are taken.

How long will I be in braces? How often will I have orthodontic appointments?

Every patient is different, but generally a comprehensive case takes 18-36 months and you will be seen every 4-6 weeks. Some intervals may be longer or shorter depending on what needs to be done.

How much does it cost? What are my payment options?

The cost depends on the severity of the case, but you will be given an estimate at the time of your consultation. We are happy to bill your insurance company and will work with you on financing your balance. Ask our Office Manager, Kimberly, for details.

How long will my teeth be sore?

Expect the teeth to be somewhat tender the first few days after your braces are placed and each time they are adjusted. You can take Tylenol to alleviate the discomfort. The sooner you start chewing the faster you will adjust. Sugar-free gum can be chewed to help alleviate the soreness!

How do I prevent cavities under my braces?

It is very important that you follow our hygiene instructions carefully to avoid the white spots that can form on your teeth if they are not brushed properly. We spend a lot of time with each patient instructing them the proper way and time to brush and floss. It will also help to stay away from soft drinks that are very acidic and full of sugar. Remember, the point is to have beautiful teeth when braces come off!

But I'm seeing you every 6 weeks; do I still need cleanings and checkups?

Yes! You must continue to be seen for regularly scheduled cleanings. This is so important to maintain the health of your teeth and gums while you have your braces on. Any checkups, cleanings, or restorative work needed is not included in your orthodontic care.

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