Dental Care for Your Child

Within six months of their first tooth, the American Dental Association recommends you bring your child to the dentist. Bring your little one with you to your appointment; this will allow them to become slowly acclimated to our office, plus they get to see you set a good example by opening your mouth for the doctor to see! Each time they come we will ask them if we can count their teeth. Eventually, around age three, they should be comfortable enough to sit in the chair on their own and allow an exam and cleaning. We never want your child's visit to be a frightening experience. Starting early is the best way to encourage good oral hygiene at a young age and discourage a fear of dentists!

What Are We Looking For?

Your child may not have cavities, but there are many things we are looking for during an exam that are extremely important when dealing with the oral health and development of your child, such as malocclusions (crowding, crossbites, narrow arches, underbites, and overbites), effects of thumbsucking and finger habits, and tongue thrusting,

A child or adolescent can gain tremendous confidence from a beautiful smile. If a young person has developed good oral hygiene skills, it will allow them to maintain great oral health throughout life and avoid costly dental procedures later. Having good dental and educational experiences as a child hopefully leads to a lifetime of good dental and oral health!

Nitrous Oxide Laughing Gas

Most children will do fine in the dental chair with support from our awesome team, although we do utilize laughing gas for those that need a little extra help settling down (adult patients love this too!)

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