Because we offer general dentistry and orthodontics, we can save you time and money versus making multiple trips to different offices.

Our philosophy is early intervention and non-extraction of teeth whenever possible. We strive to develop broad dental arches in order to produce full, beautiful smiles. 

We attempt to fulfill five goals when treating an orthodontic patient:

  1. Broad dental arches and full smiles
  2. Correct occlusion (bite)
  3. Attractive, balanced faces
  4. Healthy temporomandibular joints
  5. Elimination of dysfunctional habits (tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, finger and thumb sucking, etc.)

The following tools may be used in the treatment of your orthodontic case: Orthopedic appliances to help broaden the arches and to affect positive skeletal changes, braces and wires to align the teeth, and orthodontic mini screws (temporary anchorage devices) to more effectively move teeth in some cases. Call for a free orthodontic consultation to discuss you or your child's needs. 

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