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Mount Hope Dental | Veneers in Mount Hope



Veneers are a thin layer of porcealin that covers the tooth. A veneer may cover just the front of a tooth or cover a tooth in its entirety (a 360 degree veneer). Veneers may correct issues such as staining, cracked or broken teeth, spaces, and misaligned teeth. Veneers may be fabricated in house with E4D technology or in a dental laboratory.

Veneers are less invasive than full crowns in that the tooth preparation is generally minimal and sometimes eliminated altogether. Veneers are generally superior to bonding in that they are stronger, more esthetic, and they retain their surface glaze better.

This patient had porcelain veneers placed on her four upper incisors after orthodontic treatment.

  BK_VeneersBefore.JPG BK_VeneersAfter.JPG
  BEFORE: Notice chipped teeth and spacing AFTER: Four porcelain veneers

X042443.JPG X042442.JPG X042444.JPG
   Detailed views of the four veneers




This patient had nicely aligned teeth naturally, but he did not like the spaces between the four upper front teeth.

X07681_6.JPG X07681_8.JPG X07681_91.JPG  
Pre-treatment view Post-treatment view of upper four incisors with 360 degree, all porcelain veneers placed. Note the excellent tissue response and how all spaces are closed. Frontal view of patient with veneers in place  





This patient has porcelain veneers on her upper lateral incisors

vX096001.JPG    vX096002.JPG
Porcelain veneers only on upper lateral incisors.    Frontal view with patient smiling


Mount Hope Dentist | Veneers. Randy Newby and Dr. Katie Neidig is a Mount Hope Dentist.