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Mount Hope Dental | Sinus Lift Procedure in Mount Hope


Sinus Lift Procedure

A sinus lift procedure may be necessary when replacing an upper tooth with an implant. On some patients, the sinus cavity dips down between the roots of the upper teeth, not allowing enough height for an implant to be placed. When the tooth is extracted or just before the implant is placed, the sinus membrane is lifted and bone grafting material is packed in that area. This process, called a sinus lift, allows for more vertical height of bone for proper implant placement. The radiographs below show cases at Mount Hope Dental where the sinus was lifted prior to implant placement.

  Sinus2_Before.JPG Sinus2_After.JPG
  Note floor of sinus before augmentation Note new floor of sinus with adequate bone
    between sinus and implant


Sinus_Before.JPG Note floor of sinus before augmentation, with the   Sinus_After.JPG Note the new sinus floor with adequate bone
top of the proposed implant into the sinus    between sinus and placed implant
Sinus3_Before.JPG Sinus3_after.JPG  
Note floor of sinus before augmentation Note floor of sinus following sinus lift and 
implant placement 
Mount Hope Dentist | Sinus Lift Procedure. Randy Newby and Dr. Katie Neidig is a Mount Hope Dentist.