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Mount Hope Dental | Mini Implants in Mount Hope


Mini Implants


Mini dental implants are smaller in diameter than standard (root form) dental implants. Their narrow diameter means that they can be used in situations where standard implants cannot.

The small size of mini implants often means that no incision needs to be made to place the implant. They can usually be inserted right through the gum into the bone. This eliminates the need for a recovery period, and the restoration can usually be placed right away or only a short time after. For more information on mini dental implant placement, Click Here.

Mini Implants to Help Retain Dentures

One use for mini implants is to help retain a full upper and/or lower denture. A series of mini implants (4-6) are spaced appropriately and gently inserted into the bone with a small hand wrench. The ball portion of the implant helps connect the denture or partial denture to housings with rubber O-rings contained within the acrylic base of the denture or partial denture. The following sets of pictures show the different uses of mini implants to support various dentures.

Use of Mini Implants to Support a Full Upper and Lower Denture

Use of Mini Implants to Support a Lower Partial Denture

Mini Implants to Support Crowns

Another use of mini implants is to help support a crown when the missing tooth space is too narrow for a standard (root form) implant.  Dr. Newby usually advises that a standard (root form) implant be used to support a crown, but in some circumstances a mini-implant may be used.

Click here to see the use of a mini implant to support an anterior crown.



Mount Hope Dentist | Mini Implants. Randy Newby and Dr. Katie Neidig is a Mount Hope Dentist.