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Mount Hope Dental | Finished E4D Crown Pictures in Mount Hope


Finished E4D Crown Pictures

The cases pictured below show the precise fit and excellent esthetics made possible by the E4D system.

cc12131.jpg    cc12132.jpg    cc12133.JPG
Frontal view of E4D crowns on the maxillary (upper) two central incisors   Inside view of E4D crowns on the maxillary two central incisors  

Frontal view of all teeth

Frontal view of patient smiling



An x-ray of an upper molar E4D crown after cementation. Notice the precise fit of the crown margins.


The following pictures show 4 upper anterior E4D crowns on an older patient. Note the custom staining that makes the crowns natural in appearance:

drcrown1.jpg drcrown2.jpg drcrown3.jpg drcrown4.jpg drcrown5.jpg

Views of the biting surfaces of two upper E4D molar crowns:

JTCrown1.jpg   JTCrown2.jpg


X-rays and photos of a finished E4D Case:

  bwcrown1.jpg   bwcrown2.jpg   bwcrown3.jpg

Pretreatment x-ray of a lower molar tooth needing a crown as the amalgam (filling) broke.


Post-treatment x-ray of the lower molar tooth after crown cementation. Note the excellent fit of the E4D crown to the natural tooth.


Picture of finished E4D crown in the mouth

Mount Hope Dentist | Finished E4D Crown Pictures. Randy Newby and Dr. Katie Neidig is a Mount Hope Dentist.